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ABB BAE Systems

ABB is a technology leader that is driving the digital BAE Systems’ Power and Propulsion Solution business transformation of industries, operating in more than 100 area has been on the forefront of clean power and propul- countries with about 144,000 employees. The company sion with a market-leading electric drive system. For 25 has provided electric and hybrid systems on board vessels years, the company have been focused on helping ? eets get for more than 110 years. In fact, today, well over 1,300 to zero emissions with electric hybrid, battery electric and ships employ ABB’s electric system. In the shallow draft fuel cell electric drive systems.

segment, ABB offers electrical, hybrid, propulsion and au- BAE Systems delivers propulsion and power manage- tomation solutions for vessels such as towboats, dredges, ment capability with innovative electri? cation products tugs, marine construction and ferries. and solutions that advance vehicle mobility, ef? ciency and

In 2019, Niagara Falls tour operator Maid of the Mist performance. Its electric drive systems deliver solutions to decided to replace its ? eet with two new ferries. It selected decrease emissions, reduce fuel consumption and provide a

ABB Marine & Ports to provide zero-emission technology, quieter mode of travel. Both its low and zero emission solu- making Maid of the Mist the very ? rst fully electric new- tions deliver on 25 years of global experience that’s backed build ferry ever constructed in the U.S. Each of the vessels by an industry technology leader. This year, BAE Systems is is powered by a pair of battery packs with a total capac- introducing its next-generation electric drive system featur- ity of 316kWh, split evenly between two catamaran hulls. ing game-changing power electronics advancing ef? ciency,

The ferries will charge between every trip while passengers increasing ? exibility, while decreasing size and weight. disembark and board the vessels. Shoreside charging will BAE Systems’ HybriGen Power provides electric pow- only take seven minutes, allowing the batteries to power er to vessel accessories, HybriGen Power and Propulsion the electric propulsion motors capable of a total 400kW provides electric power and propulsion for the vessel, and (563 HP) output. HybriGen Assist that combines a traditional driveline with

Following the Maid of the Mist project, ABB was se- the bene? ts of electric-hybrid for a ‘boost’ in performance.

lected by American shipbuilding company Vigor Fab LLC BAE’s systems are safe and reliable, with more than 14,000 as the hybrid-electric propulsion and energy storage system systems in operation globally, and the company’s products provider for the newest additions to the Washington State are made in America and U.S. Coast Guard approved. No-

Ferry ? eet, setting the largest U.S. ferry system on course tably, BAE Systems proven electric drive system is powering for zero-emission operations. ABB is driving toward the the United States’ ? rst hydrogen fuel cell powered ferry, the next generation of ships, which it believes will be electric, Sea Change, recently launched by All American Marine.

digital and connected, as the industry moves toward new BAE Systems’ Power and Propulsion Solutions business energy sources and autonomous ship operations. And this area is headquartered in upstate New York. The 165,000 future is slowly becoming a reality in the United States. sq. ft. facility is home to the company’s electric drive sys- 8 | MN October 2021

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