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Hybrid Marine Power & Propulsion Systems for Workboats isn’t farfetched.

In fact, it may be essential.

By John Haynes n 2015, two signi? cant developments are going to Fuel and Power for Shipping is Changing make many operators, owners and builders of profes- The maritime sector tends to avoid change, but the blue sional vessels consider hybrid marine power. The new water shipping community could not ignore the emissions

I emissions laws – here and abroad – and the incentives regulations that came into force on January 1st 2015. This for high technology manufacturers to invest in develop- may appear a mundane issue but consider the implications as ing highly ef? cient batteries are the primary drivers. That certain types of vessels are banned from entering ports around said; dramatically reducing pollution in both water and air the world simply because of their diesel exhaust emissions.

could be the most signi? cant impetus for change in the The diesel in ships tanks is now so light and highly maritime sector since coal and steam gave way to fuel oil. treated that navies are able to run their RHIBs and boats

Emissions from fossil fuels come at a price. Beyond this on diesel from the mother vessel. While conventional oil reality, professional mariners know the legislation relating based fuels remain the main fuel option for most in ser- to marine pollution (MARPOL) plus the serious ? nancial vice vessels, Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) is now a proven implications of getting it wrong. and viable fuel solution for ship propulsion (in some sec-

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